The Road to Santiago...
Santiago Cathedral.
Muchas Gracias to all my amigos. I would like to thank the following individuals, groups, and organizations for support and encouragement. This grassroots movement has not only succeeded in raising the funds necessary to finance this project, but also has helped to spread the word to lots of people who need and want to take action. I couldn't have done it without outside financial support. Many people also gave other types of assistance, such as a camera, computer, a backpack, clothing, medication, and supplies necessary to achieve the goal.

Each day costs on average at least $25 and many of you have made it possible for me to keep on trekking. I'm going to name a day after you and think of you specifically on that day. If I have forgotten someone who has come through for me, please let me know. We'll be adding and editing this section as other donations/pledges come in.
Special Thanks to
My Medical Team
Dr. David Ingalls, my primary care physician in private practice in Newburyport, Massachusetts, who always thoughtfully involved me in the process of making the medical decisions which have affected me. Also, a generous contributor.

Dr. Denise Hirsch, my cardiologist and generous contributor at Pentucket Medical Associates, Newburyport, who diagnosed my coronary condition and steered me in the right direction to the Lahey Clinic for an angiogram.

Dr. Richard Beaser, my diabetes physician at Boston's Joslin Clinic, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for guiding me with wisdom and compassion through my medical care options as a diabetic.

Dr. David Shahian, my cardiac surgeon at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts, who so expertly executed the quadruple coronary bypass graft.

Dr. Robert Kirsner, my podiatrist in practice in Newburyport, who has expertly cared for the feet of many diabetics, preventing further serious problems.
Friends and Family

Jerie Larsen, my partner, my editor, my soul mate, and my head honcho for fundraising, who has supported me through the peaks and valleys of my "challenging" projects.

Laura Larsen Merrick, my step-daughter (Jerie's daughter), my sparring partner, who caught the vision early on and has supported this project 100% from the start She's now my Number One fund-raiser and captain of my promotions team. She has provided so much financial support, ideas, and inspiration.

Carl Merrick, my compadre, my "son-in-law" (Laura's husband), who has provided financial support, promotional ideas, valuable contacts, proofreading of proposals, and pertinent humor.

Helen Glover, mi tia fabuloso, who is always there to support us with encouraging words, affection, humor, and her generous support in spite of her worries, which made it possible to move forward with concrete plans.

Mel Glover, my big brother, who also has diabetes. He and his wife Tammy got me interested in the Road to Santiago nine years ago when they gave us a book called Off the Road by New York Times writer Jack Hitt. Sons Mel III and Matt, as well as daughter Tina have been supportive, helpful, and encouraging.

Dan Bob Nolan, my close friend, fellow carpenter, and generous sponsor, of the Clark Currier Inn, who helped facilitate many things before I left not the least of which was a back-up pair of spectacles.

Cho Cho Sincavage, my goddaughter, extraordinaire, who contributed not only a nice donation but also a pocket statuette of St. Joseph to accompany me on my journey.

Elaine Sincavage, my friend, Cho Cho's mother, expert opinion, and generous supporter, who has provided me with valuable insights and support for many years.

Philip Mallard
, my long time friend going back to '60s college days at Hiram College in Ohio, and business collaborator who not only facilitated the purchase of a used laptop computer for this trip, but also has supplied me with computers and software for many years in return for editing and publishing expertise.

Jeff Kane, my talented webmaster, who has designed and executed this Web site from his Ocean Song Web Design office in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Our working relationship goes way back to our school days at Governor Dummer Academy when we single-handedly established a photography lab, darkroom and all, to produce our 1965 yearbook. Jeff also loaned me an Olympus digital camera to make it possible to add photos to the Web site.

Peter Gernold, my friend and fellow biology teacher from Hiriam College days, always there when I need him with generous support and resourceful ideas, not to mention an engaging sense of humor.

Kay George, my special friend and long-time client, who has always been supportive with expert knowledge, talents, skills, and funds.

Andrea Bursaw, my editor and proofreader of proposals and letters, who facilitated the purchase of airline tickets, who also is friend and sitter for Rudzick, my big old marmalade cat.
Dennis and Debbie Skillman & family, my friends, fellow sushi connoisseurs, and fellow hikers, loaned me a spacious backpack and shared experiences and knowledge about hikers' footcare.

Lisa (Bannasch) and Bart Chapin & kids, (Laura's step-sister), my friend and former employee, who has been a generous and enthusiastic supporter, along with Norma Bannasch Larsen, a fellow traveler, with supportive insights from her own challenging personal journeys.

Bob Mosscrop, my accountant, friend, and former Jaycee member, who has generously contributed to this crusade. He has a big heart — travels to Lourdes frequently to provide invaluable support to disabled individuals seeking comfort at that inspirational destination.

David and Beth Dudley, my cousins, friends, and owners/managers of Ocean Point Inn, a beautiful vacation spot on the rocky shores of Maine, who have been enthusiastic supporters and generous donors. We were like brothers growing up together summers on Plum Island and an uncle's farm in South Dakota.

Laura's Friends / Recruited Donors Meg Lelgeman and Marty Bressette, ardent supporters of a worthy cause, and cheese connoisseurs, who would go crazy in Spain sampling regional specialties. Vivian Richmond, Laura's friend, and enthusiastic traveler, who's been a congenial component of many group gatherings, and generous to me in this project.
Plum Island Friends and Neighbors Steve Collier, Cheryl LeBlanc, George Schutz, Jay and Linda Blake, Mindy and Ley Blake, Bob DeGraf, Rubin and Robin Gurlitz, Dan Mahoney, Scotty Macleod, Doris MacDonald, Paul Wells, Andrea and Jon Bursaw, and many other anonymous doners.
Classmates Governor Dummer Academy:  Jeff Kane, Craig Johnson, Kenny Linberg, Marc Tucker.

Hiriam College:  Peter Gernold, Rick Heineman, Phil Mallard.
Boston Jaycees Former Officers and Board Members: John Kendrick, Kathy Collins, John Dirlam, Elaine Sincavage.
Co-Workers, Employers H&R Block fellow tax preparers: Bill Faughnan, Shirley Mitchell, Kirsta Deschamps, Cynthia Bouchard, Don and Lou Somerset, Shirley Robichaud, Suresh R. Patel, Marilyn Sanford, and most of all, Stuart Pingley, manager of the Lawrence district, and my boss as office coordinator of the Amesbury H&R Block Tax Service. He believed in me and contributed even when Corporate couldn't/wouldn't swing it.
Businesses, Organizations Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank: President Richie Eaton of the "Five." Mr. Eaton's belief in me and his ability to see the vision and grasp the urgency of this message generated a sufficient contribution to launch the project. Donna Leary, branch manager, for setting up the donation account and facilitating bookkeeping procedures.

Newburyport/Newbury Businesses: Peter Alberico, New England Wine and Spirits, Bob Nolan, Clark Currier Inn, Dan Mahoney, Mr. Moe´s Liquor Store.

Business clients: Jeanne and Bill Carpenter.
Corporations New Balance Shoe Co.: Deirdre McDonnell, company representative, sent hiking shoes, hiking sandals, shower sandals, a warm-up hiking outfit, and T-shirts.

Becton-Dickinson Inc.: Cathy Messinger, Internet Manager, sent a two month supply of syringes, swabs, and T-shirts.

Roche Industries: Peter Sebastian, company representative, sent a supply of test strips for the entire trip.