The Road to Santiago.

September 19, 2004

Photo of fountain at Plaza Mayor.
Plaza Mayor: T.P.'s the Medium


I slept good! Since it was Sunday, there were no early construction noises to bother me. My major goal for the day was to pack my mochila (backpack) with everything I would need for about 60 days and also pack my suitcase to store the extras until my return. I had to decide what to take and what to leave.

My plan is to arrive in Santiago on November 14th — about 60 days from now. So, I needed to carefully plan for everything. Most important, of course, are my medical needs. I calculated that with four injections of insulin per day, I would need, let's see, 240 syringes. Let’s make that 300 to be on the safe side. Similar calculations for the test strips. My daily pill needs are: 2 Glucophage XR, 1 Lasix, 1 Zestril, and 2 Lopressors. And, oh yeah, one aspirin each day

I tried again to get an Internet connection telephone hookup with the laptop —  still no luck. Should I wait for  Jeremy to return to Madrid on the 20th, which means I couldn’t leave until the 21st? That would be too late for my planned departure. Or should I call him when I’m on the road to solve the problem?

Then it occurred to me. The problem is the same as it was two years ago. The reason I wasn't able to connect to the Internet was that I needed to pause between each single number of the dial-up data to allow for the obsolete hotel telephone system to work properly. I made the adjustments and finally got online.

Now I’m really ready to go!

Photo of artists in Plaza Mayor.
Plaza Mayor: art for the birds