The Road to Santiago.
September 26, 2002



Woke up this morning with health complications: must have eaten something which didn't agree with me. Don't think I've got the flu cause I don't have a fever or chills and don't ache all over. It could be food poisoning or, at least food/water incompatibility!!! I have not been well in my upper or lower digestive tract all day!!!

I've been told by my expert restaurant advisor (Carl) that food poisoning shows symptoms about 12 hours after ingesting certain bacteria, etc. And it takes more than 12 hours to recover. Guess I won't be able to catch that train for Pamplona as planned — I can barely managed to catch the facilities when needed. I was pretty dragged out when I had to pack and move my belongings up one floor to occupy a different hotel room since the management had rented out my room already. I´ll have to think back and try to remember which restaurant I used 12-hours before so I don't go there again!!!

Healthwise — other than this upset digestive system problem — things have been going pretty well. My control of sugar levels has been excellent. My achy muscles and joints have recovered from the flight.

Maybe I just need some "catch-up sleep." Getting here, not to mention the last three months of preparing for this trip, was quite stressful. So — maybe I can allow myself a much needed rest before I start hiking.  I'll take an aspirin and call you in the morning!!

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