The Road to Santiago...
Dudley Glover
, an insulin-dependent diabetic with coronary heart complications, is off to Spain again. He’s commemorating the fourth anniversary of his cardiac bypass surgery by launching another event to draw attention to the growing epidemic of diabetes and to promote walking as a health benefit, especially for diabetics.

Dudley left for Madrid on September 15, 2004, to begin his second trek on El Camino, a hike estimated at over 800 kilometers, nearly 600 miles, a few more than the first trip in 2002. This branch of Way of St. James, called El Camino de la Costa, twists along the northern coast from the French border in the East, near San Sebastian, to Santiago de Compostela near the western most point of the Continent.

As an insulin-dependent man in his late fifties, Dudley will find this walk to be a real challenge. Again he will be carrying a backpack loaded with a laptop computer, digital camera, and his medical supplies, including insulin and syringes. The route begins in the foothills of the Pyrenees and winds through busy cities.

He plans to again post his journal on this web site and invites you to follow his progress along "The Way." He hopes you will join him in his battle to "fight diabetes." He wants to demonstrate to diabetics that if one middle-aged guy can walk over 500 miles, carrying a heavy backpack, eating “catch as catch can,” and still deriving joy from living, that other diabetics can walk around the block.

Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to follow this walking adventure. Pass the word to walk. Walk as if your life depended on it.  It does!!!!
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